Japanese Passport Photo Psd Template

Wanna make a passport photo to verify something? Don’t worry we got you back! We have the Japanese passport photo psd template which can easily be edited and submitted to whatever service you are trying to verify. The Japan passport psd template is designed in several layers and you can edit these separately without touching other parts of the photo, so in other words its very easy to edit plus we have a bunch of free profile photo like images and Japanese passport fonts which you can download for free from here.

Since its fully editable and in layers you can edit these easily: name, address, passport number, birth date, height, weight, expire date, change photos, etc…

You can buy the fake Japanese passport template from our store right now by clicking the above button. Instant file delivery! Unlike other stores our pricing is very affordable and is the template is priced at $10. Plus you also get 4 free templates with it!! Take a look below to see what else is included with your purchase

What else is included with the Japanese Passport Photo Psd Template?

Unlike others we are very generous and understand our customers. we also include a couple of utility bills as well plus the Chinese passport photo template!

Japanese Utility Bill psd Templates

With your purchase of the Japanese passport photo psd template you get 2 Japanese utility bills which i think will be real important as after id proof there is a high chance the service you are trying to verify will also ask for address proof. These bills will surely help you if that’s the case.

japanese utility bill psd template

Bonus: Chinese Passport psd Template

As a bonus the china passport template is also included the package. Hope you might find some use for this too 🙂 Check out Spanish passport psd here

How to edit the Japanese Passport PSD Template and the others?

All you need is Adobe Photoshop, which you can download from here for FREE (latest version) or you can use any type of online photo editer which supports PSD files.

So how to edit these layers? check out the video below, even tho its not of a Japanese fake id the process is very similar and you can use the same approach to edit your Japanese passport photo psd template.

Japanese Passport Format

Check out this brief guide on wikipedia which explains some of the parts of the Japanese passport numbers, photo sizes and other basic info. Unfortunately since i don’t understand Japanese you would have to look into some sites to see how the passport no are calculated etc.. and find create your fake documents properly so that they’ll bypass detection

Again here’s our shop link. Its auto buy and your files will be sent immediately. We accept Paypal, BTC, ETH, LTC or literally any type of crypto. Have a great day 🙂 Cheers

BTW check out our US passport template pack as well!

Popular uses for the Japan Passport Template

  • Japanese Verify Business Paypal and lift Limits
  • Japanese Payoneer verifications
  • Japanese Skrill , Neteller and other payment provider verfications
  • Virtual Bank Verifications
  • Bitcoin and other crypto Wallet verifications

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