What To Put For ISS Date On Fake ID? (Guide)

ISS date basically means the “Issue” Date of your ID or License. 

The Issue date is the date when the document was officially issued or printed, and mailed to the holder by the issuing authority or DMV. 

For the DL, it’s the date the license transaction was processed.

It signifies the starting point of the document’s validity and the date when it becomes usable as a form of identification.

In this post, we’ll show you what to put for ISS date on fake id and what NOT to. We will also briefly go over the expiration dates.

What To Put As Issue Date On Fake ID

You should put the ISS date as a week after your 21st birthday. But make sure it’s not over a month. One or two weeks is the best.

And make sure the date is not on a weekend because IDs are not processed on weekends.

What NOT To Put For ISS Date On Fake ID

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However, if you live in Virginia, your under 21 ID doesn’t expire till you are 23 (as far as I know) so that means your ISS date should be about a week after your 23rd birthday.

Check your state rules to see if there are any other things like this.

What NOT To Put For ISS Date On Fake ID

Here are some dates that you should never put to ISS date:

  • Your birthday
  • A date before your 21st birthday (anything before one week)
  • 1 month older than your 21st birthday
  • A weekend date
  • A date that is very near to what you are going to use the ID for
  • A future date
  • Any date that’s older than 5 years – because License expires in 5 years.
  • Do not use March or April of 2020 – closed due to Corona

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What To Put For EXP Date On Fake ID?

In most states, driver’s licenses and IDs are valid for 4 to 8 years and expire on your birthday.

So you need to research how long it’s valid in your state and calculate and put the EXP date as your birthday.

Here are validity dates for some states:

StateValidity Period (Years)
New York8
Florida8 (under 80), 6 (80 and older)

You can find the rest here


Is The ISS Date Your Birthday?

No, the issue date on an ID is not typically the same as your birthday. It should be either one week before your birthday, or one week (or more) after your birthday.

What Is ISS On License?

ISS means “issue” and it is the date your license was issued. By issued, we mean the date the driver’s license transaction was processed or printed.

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