Should I Use My Real Name On A Fake ID? (Yes)

One of the most important decisions when getting a fake ID is whether to use your real name or make up a fake one.

While both options come with pros and cons, we HIGHLY recommend using your real name on a fake ID, if you are using it to just buy booze or go clubbing.

In this post, we’ll explain why you should use your real name and the risks of using fake info. 

However, I’ll also go over the cons of using a real name too.

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#1 Reason To Use Real Name On Fake ID

The main reason we recommend using your real name is due to legal stuff.

If you get caught with a fake ID with a fake name – it’s Identity Theft, even if the name is just something you made up.

Identity theft is a Class A Misdemeanor, which is serious. The penalties for identity crimes can be severe, including hefty fines and even jail time in some cases.

Getting caught with a fake ID with your real name on the other hand is a Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor. 

This is a Class C Misdemeanor. These result in relatively minor consequences like a fine or community service, and you will not face any jail time at all.

Other Pros Of Using Real Name On Fake ID

Here are a few more good reasons why you should use your real name on a fake ID:

  • It’s easier to remember and respond to. If questioned, you won’t have to hesitate or second-guess the name on the ID.
  • It matches up with other forms of ID or cards you carry. This consistency makes the fake ID more credible.
Other Pros Of Using Real Name On Fake ID

Plus, some stores will not sell you any alcohol if the name on the ID matches the name on your card.

  • It may seem less suspicious. Using your real name can come across as more natural and genuine and you have more confidence if you get questioned.
  • There’s no risk of accidentally using the wrong name. With a made-up name, you may slip up and blow your cover.

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Apart from all these, it’s so much simpler. 

You don’t have to invent and recall an entirely new identity with fake names, birthdays, etc. The fewer lies, the better.

Cons Of Using Real Name On Fake ID

The biggest con of using real names is that it can be easily traced back to you if it gets confiscated.

The info can be easily used to identify and contact you, your parents, or your school.

With today’s technology, digging up personal information tied to your real name takes just minutes on the internet or in data records.

Plus, it links the illegal activity directly to you. Even if not caught, having a fake ID with your real name leaves evidence that you broke the law.

It can also put your real personal information at risk.

For example, if the ID maker is unscrupulous, they could misuse your personal data.

Using A Fake Name

The only real advantage of using a fake name on a fake ID is that it helps protect your real identity if the ID is taken and caught later.

Using A Fake Name

Other than that, it’s all cons.

It’s harder to remember and slipping up on details can raise suspicion.

Plus, your body language may appear more suspicious than a real name if questioned.

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Like we said at the beginning, if caught, you could potentially be charged with identity fraud on top of fake ID possession.

Bottom Line

Don’t be stupid – use your real name on a fake ID. Otherwise you will end up with more legal issues and larger fines.

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